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Concierge Program

Moving into your new home and getting settled in can be stressful. Realty Solutions is committed to making your move experience convenient and hassle-free. Our complimentary move concierge service will help save you time before, during, and after your move.

Here are the benefits of the Realty Solutions Move Concierge Service:

Respect, Teamwork and Simplicity...

has been at the heart of Realty Solutions since we began servicing rental units in 2001. Because we value our tenants, we are committed to offering the most value for the money, which is why your new unit comes with value-added benefits.

* Realty Solutions Concierge Program – direct assistance to help you set up utilities and Renter’s Insurance at your new home — TV, phone, internet, gas and electric—at no additional cost to you

* Realty Solutions Concierge Program – additionally, Comcast and Verizon FiOS promotions (with bundles starting as low as $49.99), up to $400 cash back, and (if you sign up for a double play or triple play) up to an additional $50.00 Gift Card

* Realty Solutions Discount Portal - providing special promotions from local businesses and national retailers like Best Buy, Lowes and more! Click below to learn more…

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