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Your common interest community requires a lot of attention and work. Your board needs support and resources. At Realty Solutions, we can provide the expertise and the tools you need to create and maintain a well-organized board that’s responsive, compliant, and effective.

Why do communities like yours choose to work with professional property managers? Here are a number of reasons:

  • You don’t want to put your community at risk for fraud or theft. There’s a larger risk when boards do their own management. In fact, we’ve found that mortgage companies and lenders always look for whether the community is professionally managed when they’re making loans.
  • You don’t want to be enforcing rules, regulations, and fees with your neighbors. Board members often feel conflicted and uncomfortable. We understand that, and we can be a valuable and effective buffer between you as a manager and you as a neighbor.
  • Finally, finding board volunteers willing to put in long hours and manage complicated tasks isn’t easy. Burnout is frequent, and recruitment is a challenge. We’re here to relieve board members and HOA leaders of a heavy workload.

We offer two different service levels for our community management. Let’s talk about which works best for you.

Our HOA Services

Full Service HOA Management Contracts

Realty Solutions takes care of all your management needs with our full-service contract. While the HOA board continues to make the final decisions, we assist with all the legwork and attention to detail. We’ll handle the phone calls and homeowner communication. We take care of routine and emergency maintenance and handle all the bookkeeping and accounting. 

Our team is here to help with collections and to advise you on the best way to handle reserves, forecasting, income, and expenses. We work with communities on planning for roads and maintaining parking lots. If you’re still growing, we can grow with you. 

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New laws and legislation require some research and analysis, and our team stays up to date. We can help you work through the new requirements and obligations when it comes to meetings, elections, and compliance. At election time, we’re available to manage the ballots and the candidate forms. 

We’ll take your meeting minutes so you can focus on the decisions that need to be made. Our innovative property management software handles all of your reporting with accuracy and transparency. You can also count on us to handle inspections and follow up with site violations. 

If you need help altering your master documents – we’ve done it before, and we can be your best resource.

Limited Service HOA Management Contracts

Perhaps you have a very active board and plenty of volunteers willing to manage your community and enforce the rules and regulations that apply.

That’s fantastic.

In that case, we can offer you a limited service contract, which gives you the flexibility to continue doing what you’re already doing so well. 

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Our role is to support you with the financial piece. We can handle the bookkeeping and keep your accounts straight. We’ll collect dues, make payment arrangements, and pay your bills. We can send homeowners to collections when necessary and verify all the dues that have been paid or are owed when someone is buying or selling in your community. This service option allows you to customize the accounting expertise you need from us. We’re here to help you manage your common interest community more efficiently and with less hassle to all parties.

We have been working with Realty Solutions for the past many years. Very Professional top notch Realty / Property Management Organization. Everyone in their organization is very nice, very attention to detail and always looking out for their clients . Highly recommend their services to anyone looking for Real-estate or Property Management Services.

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Mar 1, 2021
Google Realty Solutions Paul
Great People to deal with!!!! Good to know a phone call is all it takes to resolve any problem....You guys are rock stars!!!! best wishes,,,Paul A. Sosi..
Feb 22, 2021
Google Realty Solutions Paul
Being a property owner and manager for more than 10 years, I was very reluctant to give up control of my portfolio of rental homes. I was worried about how the tenants would be treated, how the properties would be maintained, how the income could be hurt, how the expenses could get run up! I worried about all these details, but with family issues that required my time, I had to do something. Realty Solutions came highly recommended by a Realtor friend. During my interview of the company, I met with the two primary owners and several key staff members. Each was impressive. From their positive attitude to their professionalism, they quickly put me at ease and gave me a level of confidence that they would care for my properties and my net income in the way that I had for years. Now that they have managed my portfolio of rental homes for over 2 years. My only disappointment is that I didn't make the switch to professional management sooner. The expenses are at or below what I was used to, while the buildings remain in good condition. The income increased. I am impressed with their ability to keep me informed as the COVID crisis has affected so many aspects of my business. I am very finicky. I watch all of the details, and Realty Solutions has delivered on its promise of excellence!
Feb 22, 2021
Google Realty Solutions Arabella
I managed my duplex while I was living there, but now that I have retired to Florida I needed help. Realty Solutions has been managing my property for 3 years and I have been totally satisfied. I understand their contract and billing and they leased my former residence to an excellent family. I am very satisfied.
Feb 19, 2021
Google Realty Solutions George
Kyree Kuntz has provided excellent expertise and service!
Feb 17, 2021
Realty Solutions Sandy
Reality solutions has always been there if I have a problem

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