Owner Benefit Package

Check out how we further help protect your investment with optional add-on services and reports.


Enrollment in Rent Advance

Receive up to 12 months of rent payments upfront on qualifying leases. Rent Advance gives you CASH-IN-HAND while completely removing the risk of resident non-payment.



Receive up to 2 months of rental payments. Protect your rental income from renters that default on their rent payments.

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Receive up to $800 towards the cost of an eviction when the tenant is screened and approved by Realty Solutions.


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As new legislation is proposed, Realty Solutions will keep you updated on how the proposed bill affects your rental investment. (State & Federal Jurisdictions)




Property owners receive a quarterly rental analysis highlighting rental and property values for each asset. Our report provides key details on how your asset compares to other similar properties in your market.


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Peace of Mind

The Owner Benefit Package gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ve enrolled in a solution that guarantees your rental!

What Is Rent Advance?

Rent Advance provides owners of rental properties with up to 12 months of rent payments upfront, removing tenant payment risk.


How Does it Work?

  • Once a new lease is signed the owner of the unit will receive an email offer that includes an exact dollar amount & a link to access the offer details. Units with 6+ months remaining on the lease may also qualify and receive an advance offer.
  • Once the property owner clicks the link, they will see additional details about the Rent Advance offer, the payment schedule breakdown, FAQs, and the ability to ask any additional questions via the chat feature.
  • Finally, the Rent Advance offer can be executed by the owner, and once the banking information is verified payment will be sent to the property owner’s bank account.
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What am I responsible for?

Must continue utilizing Realty Solutions as the property manager for the duration of the agreement.

May not sell, mortgage, or otherwise take any action to the detriment of Rent Advance or its interest for the duration of the agreement.

You are required to make any necessary repairs that impact unit habitability during the transaction term.

What are the benefits?

Must continue utilizing Realty Solutions as the property manager for the duration of the agreement.

May not sell, mortgage, or otherwise take any action to the detriment of Rent Advance or its interest for the duration of the agreement.

You are required to make any necessary repairs that impact unit habitability during the transaction term.

How Does This Package Really Work?

Q: What Is the Owner Benefit Package & What Does It Include?

A: The Owner Benefit Package is a bundled service that offers our owners new and innovative product features that include:

  • Enrollment in Rent Advance
  • 2 Months of Rental Income Protection
  • Quarterly Rental Analysis Reports
  • Real-Time Legislative Alerts & Updates
Q: What Are The Benefits?

A: The Owner Benefit Package is true peace of mind. Accepting a Rent Advance offer gives owners up to 12 months of risk-free rental income. If you decide not to proceed with the advance, you can rest easy knowing your rental income is protected with 2 months of protection.

Q: Can I Opt-Out of the Program After Initially Being Enrolled, or Vice Versa?

A: Yes, you will be able to opt-out of the OBP within the first 60 days of your property being enrolled. After 60 days your rental property will remain in the program until the current lease expires. If you originally opted-out of the program, you may contact your property manager and opt back in at any time.

Q: What Is Rent Advance & How Does It Work?

A: Rent Advance gives our owners the ability to monetize up to 12 months of rent payments in one lump sum with no risk of repayment. Our owners will receive an email offer with an exact dollar amount & a link to view the offer details. Follow the link to view additional features, plus the ability to accept the offer. Once the offer is accepted the owner will receive a confirmation
email containing a request to verify the bank account for delivery of the funds.

Q: Am I Required to Accept a Rent Advance Offer?

A: No, the Rent Advance offer is an optional feature, and the property owner is not required to accept it.

Q: Does the Rent Advance Offer Expire?

A: Yes, the Rent Advance offer will expire 7 days after it is generated and emailed to owners. If your offer has expired, please contact us.

Q: What if My Unit Does Not Qualify for the Rental Income Protection?

A: If your unit does not currently qualify, then it will automatically be placed on the Reporting Only feature. This will still provide you with valuable information such as the Rental Analysis Report, and the legislative updates. Once the unit qualifies, it will automatically be covered with the protection feature, and you will likely receive a Rent Advance Offer.

Q: How Are Claims Paid?

A: Claims are typically paid within 7 days, and upon
the earlier of:

  • Regaining possession of the unit
  • The lease expiration date
  • Receipt of an official judgment against the tenant

Please note: A one month deductible applies for units with
less than 6 months remaining on the existing lease at time of
enrollment. The deductible is automatically removed at time
of lease renewal.

Q: Are There Any Qualification Requirements for the Rental Income Protection Feature?

A: Yes, the monthly rent amount must be less than $5,000, and units with existing leases will not be covered if any late payments or NSFs have occurred in the last 12 months.

Q: How Does the Rental Income Protection Work, and Does It Apply for Property Owners Who Accept the Rent Advance Offer?

A: Enrolling in the OBP provides owners with up to 2 months of Rental Income Protection from losses stemming from a tenant’s default on rent payment. For owners who accept the Rent Advance this feature would no longer apply since the owner has received all scheduled rent payments upfront.

Q: How Do I Know if My Property Qualifies for a Rent Advance?

A: A property qualifies for a Rent Advance offer if:

  • There is at least 6 months remaining on a new or existing lease
  • No NSF’s or late payments on an existing lease
  • The monthly rent is not currently subsidized by rental assistance programs
  • The monthly rent amount is between $800 & $5,000

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Realty Solutions have been managing my properties for over 10 years and I can't say enough good things about them. I never have to worry about my property bc they a handle everything from collecting rent payments, maintenance , repairs or anything that comes up. I highly recommend Realty Solutions!
Nov 11, 2022
Realty Solutions Denise
Issue with HOA fee. The gentlemen I spoke with explained what happened in a way I could understand. Because of the confusion and my assumption that the fee had been paid, he was kind enough to refund late fee and set me up with automatic payment. Very satisfied.
Nov 11, 2022
Realty Solutions Lorraine
Dave from Capstone did an excellent job. He was very professional, extremely neat and I was completely satisfied with the work he did.
Oct 19, 2022
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Very helpful when i became frustrated with dealing with my rental property. Very resourceful and knowledgeable about the in and out of renting. Always keeping me informed regarding my tenant.
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