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Jeannie Connors, our VP of Operations and Law at Realty Solutions in South New Jersey recently visited the Buildium team to talk about how many of their tools and resources have helped us lease, manage, and maintain rental properties and HOA units with more efficiency. 

You’ll want to check out the interview, which we’re pretty proud to showcase. 

Jeannie in the Spotlight

JEANNIE CONNORSWhat does Jeannie Connors bring to our team at Realty Solutions?

A lot. 

Her first job in high school was at a property management company. She worked there for about a year and went every day after school in her Catholic school uniform. She did bookkeeping work for the management company, and now her career has come full circle. 

At Realty Solutions, we’re a company that is constantly striving for more efficiency. That’s Jeannie’s role here with us. She understands that what we don’t need is someone opening envelopes and sorting papers. What we do need is a team of people concentrating on larger tasks. We engage all of our staff to use critical thinking and to get things done for our owners and our tenants. 

Communication and Property Management in South Jersey

As Jeannie spoke to the audience at Buildium, she explained that in her view, the key to property management is communication. 

That’s a fact. 

Communication must be open, transparent, and responsive. Property managers need to be available to the owners and investors who rely on them for expertise, recommendations, and ongoing management. We need to be available to tenants when they need us or something goes wrong at the property. 

Communication is what leads to better relationships. 

Relationships lead to better property management. 

At Realty Solutions, we treat all of our owners as an extension of ourselves. As your property management partner, we represent you when we’re talking with your tenants, negotiating with your vendors, and taking care of the day-to-day needs of your rental property. 

Your properties are treated as if they were our own. Working this way provides us with some incentive to make the decisions that we would make if we were trying to earn more and spend less on our own investments. 

If you work with us already, you know that this is the cornerstone of how we do business. 

If you don’t work with us yet, get in touch and we’ll talk about what you can expect from our commitment to good communication and outstanding service. 

Property Management Technology and Our Relationship With Buildium

technology and relationshipBuildium asked about how we leverage the relationship we have with them to deliver better property management services. 

Two major improvements stand out: the eLease solution and the ability to pay vendors via EFT.

  • eLease With Buildium

As you heard Jeannie say in the video interview, the biggest and best improvement we’ve made since working with Buildium is the eLease feature. 

We have an account manager at Buildium who took all the time that was necessary to walk us through how this works and why it matters. Once we started working with eLease, it improved our leasing process so much. We’re able to move faster and to provide a better and more efficient leasing process for our tenants. This benefits our owners because it means you get your rent coming in quickly. There’s no delay in moving a tenant in and signing the lease documents. 

Previously, we were creating lease agreements for our South Jersey rental properties in Word. Those Word documents took at least 20 or 30 minutes to create. 

Now, we approve an application, begin an eLease, and it’s emailed out to our newly approved tenant in about five minutes. We are able to collect a signed lease agreement thanks to the eSignature that’s built into this capability. It’s secure, convenient, well-documented, and most of all – fast.

That’s a huge increase in efficiency for us. We’re executing leases six times faster than we were, and it’s thanks to our investment in property management technology and the support we receive from Buildium.

  • EFT Vendor Payments

Another huge improvement that’s been made through our Buildium partnership is that we’re now paying vendors via EFT. Using the ePay feature on the Buildium platform, we can pay our vendors quickly and efficiently. There’s less paperwork on our end and it’s left us wondering why we weren’t always paying our vendors this way. We’ve made a big push to implement EFT payments this year, and it’s really paying off by saving us time and increasing efficiency. It also creates better relationships with our vendors because they appreciate this method of payment. 

Buildium as an Extension of Your Property Management Team

Property Management At Realty Solutions, we’ve been working with Buildium since 2010. We understand that we aren’t the easiest property management company for our own vendors to work with. We have a portfolio of single-family homes, multi-family homes, and HOAs. We manage more than 2,500 doors. 

There’s a lot going on in our company. 

With Buildium, however, we’ve found a way to streamline our processes, increase the power of our technology, and deliver better property management services to the people we serve. Our tenants are happier, our owners are happier, and our vendors continue to be happy about working with us. 

We see our partners at Buildium as an extension of our team. It’s our engine. It’s what keeps us going. 

There’s no reason not to partner with Buildium. There’s no reason not to listen to their recommendations when a new technology or platform emerges to make your work more automated and efficient. 

You need good tools when you’re managing rental properties. It’s a juggling act, and you cannot provide the best possible services if you don’t have the best possible support.  

Investing in platforms like Buildium has freed up a lot of time for our employees, who are now able to dedicate their time and attention to more important goals. If you’d like to hear more about how this helps us with South Jersey property management, we’d love to talk with you about it. Contact us at Realty Solutions. You’ll find us in Audubon, Collingswood, Cherry Hill, Haddon Heights, Blackwood, and the surrounding communities.


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