Q: I already have a pre-approval.

A: Due to mortgage industry woes, sellers want to make sure that with every offer there is attached a reputable pre approval letter, not just a pre qualification. 1st Elite Home Loans pre-approval is recognized nationally as one of the most thorough and secure giving the seller a sense of confidence and security with an offer made on their property.

Q: I don’t want my credit pulled again; I just had it run with my other lender.

A: You wouldn’t buy a new TV or furniture without shopping for the best deal; why would you do this with your mortgage? The credit bureaus realize that when you are making possibly the largest purchase of your life you are going to shop for the best financing available. For this reason you are able to get your credit checked by multiple mortgage companies within a period of time and this will not have a negative affect on your scores.

Q: I have a family member or friend in the business that I want to use.

A: That is great. 1st Elite Home Loans will do a Free Price Check to ensure you are getting the best loan. If nothing else, you can use 1st Elite Home Loans to negotiate a better deal with that family member or friend. We want to make sure you are getting the BEST financing for your family’s needs. If it turns out we can offer a better financing package that family member or friend would understand that you will be doing what is best for yourself and your family and understand why you would go with 1st Elite Home Loans.

Q: I know I need pre-approval but I don’t want to be locked into your company, I plan on shopping for my mortgage.

A: No problem; I wouldn’t recommend anything different. 1st Elite Home Loans will run a full pre-approval free of charge with no obligation. If nothing else this will give you a bench mark to compare the other lenders you talk with to. If for some reason you do choose to go with another lender but in the end the terms wind up not being what was originally promised, 1st Elite can pick up from the initial pre-approval and move forward with the processing. 1st Elite will be happy to be your safety net. I always find that 9 times out of 10, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Q: I have a plan thru my employer that offers me a discount.

A: That is great. 1st Elite will be happy to review the offer from your employer and meet or beat it if at all possible. If that is possible, you will be able to work with our in-house lender which will ease the process making this transaction as smooth as possible. Through the relationship between Coldwell Banker Elite and 1st Elite we can control the process from beginning to end ensuring that your loan closes without a hitch.

Q: I was told I am approved, I just don’t have it in writing. I am good to go; I know my credit is good.

A: Most of my clients know that they are going to be approved for financing. These days the pre-approval is more to show a potential seller that if they take accept your offer, and take their home off of the market; they are not risking time and money because your offer is backed by one of the top ten largest mortgage lenders in the country.