Realty Solutions is a full service property management company doing business in southern New Jersey. I am Dave Gorham, one of the owners, and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you what makes us different in the local property management marketplace.

Realty Solutions Ownership

The owners of this company are Robert Gleaner and myself. We have unique backgrounds that allow us to maintain a strong business and bring outstanding service to our customers. I have a real estate license and years of experience in sales, construction and investments. I’m also a landlord, just like you. Robert is a licensed New Jersey attorney, and he brings his years of legal experience directly into Realty Solutions. Robert heads up our legal department, which provides a powerful solution for our staff and our clients. We use his legal resources and knowledge on an almost daily basis. Having this in-house talent saves our clients a lot of time and money when we have legal issues to deal with.

Realty Solutions Clients

Rob and I are clients as well as owners. We are partners in properties and we own 13 units ourselves. This means we are uniquely suited to understand what owners need and want out of their properties in the short term and the long term.

Realty Solutions Brokers

To do business in the state of New Jersey as a property management company, we must be brokers. So we can buy and sell properties as well as list them for rent. But we don’t dictate to our clients that they must use us as a broker, even if we manage their properties. Having dave gorham of realty solutionschoice makes owners and investors more powerful. If you can find tenants yourself or you have an outside relationship with an agent for buying and selling, we are happy to honor that.

These are just three different things that help us to stand out in the New Jersey property management marketplace. If you have any questions, please contact us at Realty Solutions.