At Realty Solutions, we are excited about some of the changes we have recently made to our company and our corporate structure. In particular, there are three difference enhancements that we’ve made to our company. We wanted to tell you about these changes because we believe that by implementing these changes to our company, we can set ourselves apart from other property management companies in the area. More importantly, we can serve our valued clients better.

Business Development and Sales

The first enhancement is me – Jeff DeLoach. You may have known me in a different role. Previously, I was a property manager and leasing agent for more than 200 rental units in south Jersey. I loved the management work, and I learned a lot from it. Recently, I was promoted to New Business Development, also known as Sales. My focus is to transition clients from the sales process to the operations process.

This helps the owners we work with by introducing them to the team who will be managing their properties. We don’t want our new clients to get lost when they come on board, and my position will help them get to know who we are and what we do at Realty Solutions. It also gives me an opportunity to stay in touch with our clients and owners, even though I’m not leasing or managing properties any longer.

Upgrades to the Realty Solutions Website

We have also upgraded our technology and made some improvements to our website. Everything is happening online these days, and we want to be innovators in the property management field. So, we’ve got more technology, more content, and better branding. We’ve added three divisions to our company; community management, real estate legal services, and sales.

With our community management team, we take care of HOAs and condo associations. We work with HOA and condo boards as well as their memberships. Our real estate legal team takes care of any legal issues our owners may have, whether it’s evictions or zoning or other real estate transactions. These can be confusing situations for a lot of clients, and rather than referring them elsewhere, we want to be able to help them right here, where they know and trust our expertise. Our sales department allows us to help our clients buy and sell property or do anything real estate-related. It provides one-stop shopping, and we know it’s helpful to owners and landlords like you.

Simple Pricing Structure

The third enhancement we’ve made is based on feedback we received from our clients. We’ve adjusted how we charge our property management fees. Previously, our rates were percentage-based, where we would take a percentage of the gross rent as our property management fee. Recently, we transitioned to a flat fee. This allows clients to choose the services that best fit their needs. We also have an all-inclusive set of premium services. As you can see, we listen to the feedback you give us, and we’re happy to make any changes we can to better serve you.

We wanted to tell you about these changes that we’ve made, and we hope you’re as excited about them as we are. For more information, please contact us at Realty Solutions. And, be on the lookout for additional blogs in the future.