Beyond serving as the Broker-of-Record at Realty Solutions, my key role with the company is New Business Development and supervising our talented team of property managers. Most of the time, I’m talking to potential clients who have a lot of questions about property management in Southern New Jersey. They often want to know when to hire a company and how to decide which is the right company.


When to Hire a Property Management Company in South Jersey – Time

This is a subjective and personal question to answer. It really depends on how you’ve built your business and where you want it to go from an investment standpoint. Some key determining factors we’ll ask potential clients include: how many properties do you have? How did you start this business? How many more properties do you want to acquire? As the number of properties in your portfolios grows, the amount of work doesn’t double; it tends to compound. An easy part-time job managing one property can quickly become a full-time job, and then you know it’s time to hire a property manager.


When to Hire a Property Management Company in South Jersey – Proximity

Lack of proximity also should be considered. If you’re building your portfolio in one area and you move to another area, or your business and professional life moves you out of town or out of state, you’ll need to hire a local property management company. It’s important to have local supervision.


When to Hire a Property Management Company in South Jersey – Investment Goals

Another key factor to consider is how and why did you purchase your property? If you purchased it as an investment, dave gorham of realty solutionsthen there’s a numbers game that’s at stake, and it’s good to hire a property management company so you can maximize the amount of rent you earn and the long term returns you can achieve on that investment.

Those are some key factors to consider. We provide a free report that goes into detail, so contact us at Realty Solutions and we’ll give you a lot more information about south Jersey property management.