Many owners and potential clients often wonder what the difference is between full-service property management and the services you receive from a company that may not provide a full-service experience for their customers. We want you to understand the value that comes with a complete and comprehensive list of management services. When you hand over the management of your investment to a professional company, you want to make sure that everything will be attended to, from tenant screening and marketing to rent collection and maintenance.

Full-Service Property Management Features

Full-service property management means we are literally taking every action that you would handle as a self-managing landlord off your plate, and we are handling it with our own expert team. Although different property management companies have different definitions of full-service, it should be defined as everything that would serve a tenant and an owner, and handling all of the responsibilities as a landlord. At Realty Solutions, our definition of full-service management covers everything. We think you should expect us to take care of every detail that pertains to your property and your tenant.

Our job as full-service property managers is to keep all of the hassles and frustrations that come with rental property away from you. We provide a buffer zone and a bit of distance between you and your investment. We also use our experience and our knowledge of the rental market to make this a better experience for you and your tenants. We can enforce your lease and handle maintenance requests. We can make sure your rent is paid on time and your property is compliant with all the relevant state, federal, and local laws.

Partial Property Management

In some cases, rental property owners would prefer to have a bigger part in the management of their property. We can work with hands-on owners as well. Our partial property management plans are especially good for owners who have experience managing properties. They might want to be involved in the everyday operations of their homes.

If this sounds like you, we offer a service that can handle rent collection and tenant communication. Some owners prefer to handle the maintenance aspects of their property themselves. This is especially true if the property owner happens to be a contractor or have excellent pre-existing relationships in place with professional vendors. We also work with owners who like to handle all compliance issues as well. If you’re a real estate attorney or someone who understands federal housing laws inside and out, it makes sense that you’d want to be a big part of keeping your property legal and compliant.

rental propertyWithin our management agreements, you’ll find a lot of flexibility and a willingness to customize our services to meet your needs. We have different types of partial service management options that allow the owner to take part in as much or as little as they would like.

If you have any other questions regarding full-service and partial residential property management in South Jersey, please feel free to contact us at Realty Solutions.